Digital Mindfulness : by Vinayak Garg

Grayscale: Tip to fight phone addiction

Colours are used to grab attention and to make the phone more addictive. The red notifications scream for attention.

When we open our phone even though it is the same apps with nothing new, we are automatically guided to certain app icons on a default mode.

By switching to Grayscale you can make your phone instantly less addictive.


I changed my phone to Grayscale and I found two advantages:

  1. You are less likely to navigate to an app by default. It takes a conscious decision to open an app.
  2. Within an app, or when using the browser, the content and photos etc. are less appealing. I was more focused on the text on the webpage or on LinkedIn or any other app.

The best thing is, this in no way interferes with anything important you want to accomplish using the phone.

This is not going to be a single step solution, but it is a step in the right direction.

For instructions on how to convert your phone to Grayscale click here.


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